UI Studentpreneurs is the biggest entrepreneurship event in Universitas Indonesia. Proudly presented by Entrepreneurship & Leadership Department of BEM FEB UI, UI Studentpreneurs was born to contribute in promoting entrepreneurship especially to the young minds of Indonesia.


To create an innovative young entrepreneurs ad becoming the prominent event for young entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

“Fostering Impactful Entrepreneurs”

This Year’s Theme

We realize that an entrepreneur has a noble job. However, we sometimes forget about the positive values of it. So, we have to raise these values despite of wanting to be an entrepreneur or not.

There are two major values, which are included in Impactful Entrepreneur. The First on, Impactful Entrepreneur is anentrepreneur who can solve problems in his/her surrounding with their business. And second one, it means that the business idea itself has high innovation.

Thus, from that idea, we would like to discuss it further. We want to develop our midset, prepare and give facilities to the entrepreneur candidates and also the entrepreneurs for the long-term because our life society could get the benefit from the business.