We are calling out groups of university students all over Indonesia who are passionately challenged to make a better world by creating solution based on several categories problem through participating a competition. 10 teams with greatest business idea will be invited to present exclusive 2 days training, pitching, and summit in order to validate, develop, and transform their business ideas into reality. The ultimate 3 best teams will have the chance to win the prize up to 36 million rupiahs.


Business Plan Categories

1. Product

Product is a category in business where entrepreneurs create physical tools or machines using technology, these tools or machines are created to help solve problems around or to help do particular work easier. What needs to be highlighted in here is that the use of technology is not about using platform, network, or software, but by using real technology. The simplest example is machine that can detect cancer.

2. Service

Service is one of business category that connects people who need a service and the service provider itself. Service category now has been growing with the existing of ecommerce, a platform that connects online buyers and online stores worldwide, or e-travel, that connects travelers with travel service providers.

3. Creative

Creative is one of the category of business that use creativity and indvidual’s skills in making exploration of individual’s creativity and creation. Creative business includes advertisement, architecture, art, craft, design, fashion, film, music, art of show, research and development, software, games, television and radio, etc.

4. Culinary

Culinary is a category in business that entrepreneurs are more focused on creating unique products especially in foods and drinks.

5. Agribusiness

Agribusiness is a business which is the combination of various economy sector that comes from natural resources. Agribusiness includes farming, plantation, fishery, farms, forestry, etc.



Top 10 teams will have 2 days exclusive training from business experts by focusing on topics Idea Creation and Idea Validation as the most basic and important needs, also Marketing Strategy as the additional for entrepreneurs.


Mentoring Progress Review

Transforming ideas into business deals with taking risk to optimize opportunity. Psychologically, the presence of mentors has a significant role in order to convince participants to have that courage. Privilage opportunity for top 10 teams to learn directly from the dedicated entrepreneurs who have same business background with finalist.



Opportunity for top 10 teams to present their business idea in front of the Angel Investor to be selected into top 3 teams. Angel investor deals with not just taking role as judges, but also have a privilage to give investment to the most potential business from university students all over Indonesia.


General Rules for Competition

  1. Each team must consists of 3 university students.
  2. All members are undergraduate students (S-1/D-3/D-4).
  3. Competition Guide line and Dummy Business Plan will be sent directly to registrant’s email address.
  4. Each team are prohibited to insert neither the name of universities nor the name of team member in business plan.
  5. The contested business idea is still in the form of idea.
  6. Business Plan Proposal is a purework of the participants and has never been contested in any other business competition. Cheating or plagiarizing another business plan proposals is not permitted and cheaters are not eligible to advance to the next stage.
  7. Each member is allowed from different departments, faculties, and universities
  8. An university may submit more than one
  9. Team members who are already registered can not be replaced for any reason.
  10. Each team is only allowed to submit one business plan.
  11. A member who has registered in a team, cannot apply in another team
  12. In submitting business plan, the team have to attach biodata forms which are already given by the committee.
  13. 10 of the bestteams which qualify for UI Studentpreneurs Competition will be invited to the Universitas Indonesia, Depok to attend series of events UI
  14. Decision of the judges and the committee is final and unalter
  15. Business plan proposal should be in accordance with the rules set by the committee.


Important Dates

Registration and Submission                          : October 6th 2017 – December 20th 2017

Top 10 Announcement                                      : February 1st 2018

Technical Meeting                                              : February 11th 2018

Training Day 1                                                    : February 12th 2018

Training Day 2                                                    : February 13th 2018

Pitching                                                                : February 14th 2018

Seminar                                                                : February 15th 2018

Young Entrepreneurs Summit                        : February 17th 2018