Wait For It...


UI Studentpreneurs call out groups of university students across Indonesia to join our Business Model Competition by creating a brilliant and sustainable business idea in the form of Business Model Canvas and Business Presentation based on 5 (five) business core (agribusiness, culinary, product, creative and service)


We attract participants who have a certain interest in entrepreneurship by providing qualified speakers who deliver affluent knowledge by which they can gain an opportunity to become one of those prominent figures.

Young Entrepreneurs Summit

This is the final grand event, which helps people to deal with their business problems by bringing them to notable executives through workshop and mentoring session.

Do You Want to Become Learning Partners?

If you have the same desires to educate our participants in becoming the next young entrepreneurs, UI Studentpreneurs is the perfect place for you to fulfill such desires. We have achieved national-scale target markets and our participants come from many backgrounds.