Anthony Liem

Anthony Liem

CEO Merah Putih Incubator

Anthony Liem, the Singaporean Investor, is coming to Young Entrepreneurs Summit 2016!

[ Antonny Liem ]

Being the expert of startup development isn’t an easy thing. It was started with his passion, then turn it into something that can be made more productive at. His passions are Technology, Marketing, and People.

Educated in Finance and Management, he started to work in Enterprise IT before he jumped into branding and advertising world spesifically in digital marketing. His deep understanding about technology drove him to be part of the group who started off the 2nd wave internet boom in Indonesia.

His tremendous skill on pushing any startup’s growth didn’t come spontaneously. Since the early stage of his professional career, he has mostly served as a key member of the management and/or senior executive. He had many roles at many enterprises he used to work at. Such as, Account manager in Fujitsu Indonesia, Sales Manager in Transmarco Datam system, Tech Advisor in Klix Digital, etc.

He has co-founded companies, incubated, investing, closed multiple investment rounds, raised external funding from international investors, scaled and also executed exit rounds through M&A.

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