Hadi Wenas

Hadi Wenas

CEO MatahariMall.com

Hadi Wenas, CEO MatahariMall.com, is coming to Seminar "Fostering Impactful Entrepreneurs"!

[ Hadi Wenas ]

He is CEO of Mataharimall.com. He just started his role, 10 months ago. He used to work at Oracle as a Software Developer, Business consultant at Mckinsey, Co-Founder and MD of Zalora, etc.

He has one sentence that is so attached on him as his working personality, “Always Go All Out!”. And has several prescriptions to get things done effectively : Be Direct, Be Black & White, Be Detail-Oriented, Take Risks, and Go All Out.

Called as Like-A-Bull by his friends means, the one who sees a straight line between himself and his goal. The one who will charge ahead in full speed and knock down everything that just try to block his way to obtain the goal.

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