Reiner Rahardja

Reiner Rahardja

CEO and Founder of PT Reitech Solusindo

Reiner Rahardja, Founder & Managing Director at The Accelerator, is coming to Seminar "Fostering Impactful Entrepreneurs"!

[Coming to Fostering Impactful Enterpreneurs Seminar!]

Reiner Rahardja, Founder & Managing Director at The Accelerator. Involve in a business just 7 Years ago, Reiner is famously known because his speciality in increasing business and sales. At the age in 26 Reiner Rahardja has already make a total sales with more than IDR 250 BILLION !

Motivated to share his success and reflecting from his past that it’s hard to realizing an idea, moreover it’s also very hard to find a good mentor and Supporting community, Reiner Rahardja founded Accelerator with his brother Klemens Rahardja.

Today, Rainer Rahardja & The accelerator is estimated already motivating more than 1 Million youth enterpreneurs in Indonesia and help many Billionare born before the age of 40 !

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