Sabda P. S

Sabda P. S

Founder Zenius Education

Sabda P S, The Founder of Zenius Education, is coming to Seminar "Fostering Impactful Entrepreneurs"!

Motivated by low quality of education and limited number of qualified teacher in Indonesia, Sabda makes an innovative online learning system called Zenius Education.

Since  2013, zenius  has grown to reach more than 157,000 registered users  more over there also 7,000 premium members access its content online,33,000 educational videos watched 30 million times ,20 stores spread across numerous cities in Indonesia & IDR 5.8 billion (US$499,483) in revenue from July 2013 to  June 2014 !

As a CEO, Sabda is not only “sit” but he  also participates in making a content of Zenius and helps to manage its quality, moreover Zenius aim to reach Indonesia’s 60 million schoolkids!

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