Sabrina Mustopo

Sabrina Mustopo

CEO Kakoa Chocolate

Sabrina Mustopo, The Founder of Kakoa Chocolate, is coming to Seminar "Fostering Impactful Entrepreneurs"!

[Sabrina Mustopo: Dismiss Her Perfect Job and Becoming CEO of Kakoa]

Sabrina Mustopo was a management consultant with McKinsey and Company. She spent 6 years consulting mainly to governments on agriculture, sustainability and economic development topics. She has worked in a range of countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

As a former consultant in Mc Kinsey’s Sabrina Mustopo took a risk to quit her “perfect” job and started bisnis Kakoa Chocolate, achieved her success through her passion for Indonesia in agricultural development. She founded Kakoa Chocolate with a goal to bring forward the wealth of indonesia in agricultural sector and also to enhance the farmer’s capability. She believes in the power of the private sector to create sustainable and meaningful change, and the need for Indonesia to invest in downstream industries.

She has a nickname The ‘It’ Girl for every chances she took to give impactful contribution.

Sabrina holds a B.Sc. in International Agriculture and Rural Development from Cornell University.

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