Being the biggest entrepreneurship event in Indonesia, we attract societies who find joy in deepening entrepreneurship by providing trustworthy speakers who deliver clear knowledge in real practices to raise participants entrepreneurship mindset.

The participants will experience a keynote session which is represented by influential figure as the key of Indonesia economic and entrepreneurship development, followed by another three sessions which are represented by seven iconic entrepreneurs.


Keynote Session         : “Entrepreneurs as Solution for Nation’s Problems”
This session talks about how entrepreneurs could be the solution to the nation’s problem such as unevenly distributed income, poverty, and other big nation’s problem.

Session 1                     : “The Role of Entrepreneurs in Commuting Era”
This session talks about how entrepreneurs could ease everyday’s task so that people could save more time and get more things done.

Session 2                     : “Developing A Powerful Economy through Social Enterprise”
This session talks about how a powerful economy could be developed by building sustainable businesses and human resources maximization.

Session 3                     : “Attractive Appearance as Attractive Opportunity”
This session talks about how someone’s willingness to take care of their appearance could be benefical for businesses.


Studentpreneurs Expo

Expo is our new innovative approach to present startup as representative of needed for society’s problems. We are giving an exclusive opportunity for the best startup to develop their business and expand exposure with valuable potential customers and partners by introducing business through our booth expo.