The Winners of What’s Your Idea


Congratulation to the winners. we appreciate your excitement in this challange, and hopefully this will not only be something to have fun with, but also trigger a lot of people on becoming entrepreneurs with solutive ideas. The winners will be contacted personally within 3 work-days to claim the reward.

Below are the winners of what’s your idea challenge :

1st Winner : @irvandiassanjaya

Ani, 19 years old aquedate disabled. Two months ago, she said that she wanted to be a Batik Entrepreneur due to her passion about culture perservation through Batik product. Sadly, she lives in orphanage that can’t fulfill her aspiration. Today, what she passionate about just turned into reality. She became a success Batik entrepreneur in Bina SIwi orphanage with 400 products sold to the market (Happy Batik’s Day Pal). But, did you ever imagine? If there’s a hundred, thousand, or even million someone like Ani who have the same future aspiration to make the world as more productive, impactful, and inclusive but they faced the problem of lack from economic support from the surrounding environment.


@designfordream as first Indonesian disability CrowdHelping Platform that aims to advocate, support, and realise disabled’s dream who have willingness to be a future entrepreneur like Ani or Professional like Erik in the future but faced lack of economic support to be empowered for reducing inequalities. Design for Dream have 3 feature of addressing the problem. The key point located in the word of ‘Design’ that’s why we named it as from ‘Design’ for ‘Dream’. Before Ani and Erik achieved their aspiration, first they made a design. Their design printed into the product (tee, cap, bag, etc) and offered to the market with the profit sharing of 60% goes to Design for Dream and 40% goes to Disabled’s dream. If someone don’t want to buy but still have willingness to make an empowerment, they can make an open donation, which people can donate funds to empower disabled with 5% of fee admission charge for Design for Dream. Or, this is the different between us as CrowdHelping and others as Crowdfunding is we allow people to empower disabled by exchanging the things that disabled’s aspired by the unused thing that people have by giving them directly from Design for Dream


2nd Winner : @geraldrad

Segelas kopi atau teh tak terasa lengkap tanpa kudapan kecil disampingnya!
define : now
// everybody, everywhere seems to be busy.

Paper, assignments, laptop, handbag andanything you can carry on your hands, make you can’t even have a time to drink your coffee and grab a little treat!

Cup O’ Cup punya solusi nih buat permasalahan tersebut! Dalam satu wadah, kamu bisa menikmati minum, kudapan, dan juga terdapat tempat penyimpanan yang bisa dilepas pasang yang berisi gula untuk minumanmu dan tissue untuk membersihkan mulut kita
setelah kita menikmatinya!

Konsep one-in-a-go ini cocok banget untuk hiruk pikuk kehidupan yang menuntut kesan time is money.

Meminimalisir bawaan, memberi semangat menghadapi pekerjaan!


1st officer at UI-STUDENTPRENEUR

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