Young Entrepreneurs Summit is a final grand event, on Saturday, February 17th 2018, which bridges young entrepreneurs with notable entrepreneurs to create a space where people can exchange fresh insights and experiences to develop their business. Participants will have a total of three sessions during the Young Entrepreneurs Summit, and each session will give participants unique experiences that will help them define a meaningful entrepreneurship.


Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

Get deeper into specific cases related to common problem that entrepreneurs must ready to accommodate in their business journey! This session will be led by well-known Learning Partner whose role is to provide the case and stimulate the participants to find the solution for their problem through sharing and brainstorming their business experience.



With the focus on building personal networks and coaching the young entrepreneurs, we provide 25 experienced mentors consist of notable entrepreneurs and business experts who will share unique journey, knowledge, and ideas through a round table discussion by a system called “one mentor to one business”. Our topics focus on helping participants to overcome their business problems.

1. Human Resources (Finding The Right Partners)
2. Marketing (Technology Use for Marketing)
3. Finance (Cash Flow)
4. Operation (Supply Chain)
5. Customer Relationship Management (How to Engaged Loyal Customer)


Gala Dinner

Young Entrepreneurs Summit will be full of business networking opportunities from various participants, learning partner and mentors. All of us are like-minded people who share the same passion for knowledge and makin innovations. After the dinner accompanied by music, Young Entrepreneurs Summit will be wrapped up by giving award to the national-scale competition winners.


Branding Startup

Branding Startup Session provides an opportunity for two participant teams with the most inspirational experience to promote and share their business experiences in front of the 25 mentors and 25 participant teams.


How to Join Young Entrepreneurs Summit?

Regist your business team by clicking the button below until January 29th, 2018. 15 selected business team will be contacted by the commitee on February 1st, 2018 for the payment requirement. The fee charge will be :
– Rp 150.000 for 1 person in one business team
– Rp 300.000 for up to 5 person in one business team