Wait For It...

Competition Briefs

We are calling out groups of university students all over indonesia to join our Business Model Competition by creating a brilliant and sustainable business idea in the form of Business Model Canvas and Business Presentation based on 5 (five) business core - agribusiness, culinary, product, creative, and service. The top 10 of business-idea team will have a prestigious chance to be invited to attend Competition Training, Mentoring Progress Review, and Business Pitching.

There are 5 (five) Categories of businesses you can compete in. Each of these Categories will be assessed categorically and we will pick two best teams in each category to be our finalists. The Categories are

  1. Agribusiness. It's the business sector encompassing farming and farming-related commercial activities. The business involves all the steps required to send agricultural goods to market: production, processing, and distribution
  2. Culinary. it's a line of business that involves food and beverages. It is purely about the food and beverages. We expect this line of products to be unique and has value propositions
  3. Product. it's one of the category where you make a technology-based products (e.g. a product that can detect illness, or medical equipment that can detect any symptomps)
  4. Creative. Comprises advertising, architecture, art, crafts, design, fashion, film, music, design, fashion, film, publishing, R&D, software, etc.
  5. Service. This is one of a core business that connects service provider and those who need the service (e.g. an app that can connect travelers and travel service providers)

General Rules

  1. Followed in the form of a team; 1 team must have exactly 3 (three) members - including 1 Team Leader.
  2. All members of the team must be maximum 25 years old of age by the time of pitching (February 15, 2019) - also only for Undergraduates (S1) and Vocation (D-4 & D-3) Students. 
  3. The submission content must be purely created by the participants, still in the form of ideas, and has never been used in other business competition.
  4. Guidelines for making Business Presentation (Pitchdeck) and BMC templates will be e-mailed to Team Leader's e-mail after Commitment Fee is being confirmed by our team.
  5. The registering team must pay registration fee with total amount of Rp350,000.00. This payment is due as submission deadline which is December 23, 2018. However, the registering team must transfer a commitment fee with the amount of Rp50.000,00 within 3 (three) days after registering. If this condition is not met, the form will be automatically cancelled and the team will not get a Submission Upload Link.
  6. It is prohibited to mention the name of University in the team's submission content. 
  7. The team members can be from different majors, faculties and even universities. 
  8. One university may send more than one team.
  9. After completing the form, team members must not be replaced for any reason. To be able to change the members, the team shall register in a new form along with a new commitment fee. A commitment fee is priced for each form.
  10. Each team can only submit one business idea. 
  11. Team members who have registered in one team cannot be registered as team members in other registering teams.
  12. The best 10 (ten) teams will be qualified as finalists and invited to the University of Indonesia, Depok for the next upcoming programs for competition. 
  13. Judges and Committees' decisions are final and may not be contested.

Do You Think You Have The Best Business Idea?

After being selected as our finalists (top-10 teams), you will be invited to Universitas Indonesia to attend our competition programs:

  1. Training. This is designed to prepare the top-ten teams for pitching day. This year's topic is Leadership Development and Business Pitching Preparation.
  2. Mentoring. In addition to training, we offer a Mentoring Progress Review Session in which each team has a privilege to discuss anything regarding its business model with mentors who have business in the same field.
  3. Business Pitching. On this moment, the top-ten teams will present their ideas to the judges who also are angel investors.